Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Keep Praying, Keep Being Awesome - Monday, March 10th, 2014

Hey Family!

Last night we had the baptism of Susan  It was a huge turn out. It was so special seeing all of her family there. Some have been baptized the last couple of weeks and some we are still working with, but it was awesome to see the whole family there supporting her.

Susan is the Mother and Grandmother of the family and I could tell what an impact she had on her family and on her husband when she got baptized and bore her powerful testimony. I love the Blanco family! They are one of the best parts of my mission. Just seeing all of them get baptized one by one and come to church is so cool, I can't even describe it. 

Yesterday, I taught Gospel Principles for the first time! I taught about prophets. It went ok I thought.

So this week has been CRAAAZYYY with referrals! We got a media referral - meaning that someone puts in a online submission to meet with the missionaries and then Salt Lake sends that info the whatever missionaries that are in his area. So we got one of those this week, and we called him and he seemed really excited to hear from us and wants to take us out to dinner on Thursday. So we'll see how that goes. THEN...one of our AP texted us and said "Hey guys, we met with somebody today who is ready to get baptized into the Countryside ward" haha! So apparently someone's friend just took a friend to church and she thought it was so awesome and so exciting, she wanted to be baptized and meet everyone in her "real" ward - Countryside. So we are gonna meet with her this week aswell. Hopefully it goes well! It's amazing what can happen when we just simply invite someone. If they say no, who cares?? At least you did your part!

So yesterday, I feel like God slapped me upside the face. I haven't really been too good on praying lately and if I do, it's never really sincere. BUT Thursday, a companionship got into a fight, so we had to do exchanges. The missionary I got likes to break the rules a lot and has a really bad problem with disobedience and president warned me of that. Every night he would just dissappear until seriously 1:00am or 200am :in the morning. I would go to the bathroom, and I would come out around 10:30 and he's just gone!! Apparently, he just goes running and goes and works out at the gym for a really long time but I don't care, you're not supposed to leave your companion for any reason. So last night he left again around 10:30pm. So I just decided to say a prayer. I asked heavenly father just to touch this Elder's heart and have him realize the importance of being obedient so we can have the spirit to be with us when we teach tomorrow. I closed my prayer and seriously like no joke it was insane, like 30 seconds later, he walks through the door. it's like 10:40pm. I asked if he was done already? He said - no joke - Well let's just say the spirit spoke to me. (WHAAAAAAAT!?!?) I asked what do you mean? He said "Well I was running around and the spirit stopped me and said to go back. So I decided to be obey and go back." WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!! That was a crazy experience. I couldn't even go to bed because I was just thinking about what happened! After that he kneeled down to pray seriously for like an hour. I really think he is now trying to make a change for the better. Heavenly Father DOES answer prayers! I was so shocked last night it was insane! It may not be like the timing was last night, cuz it's in his timing, but he DOES answer them! Keep praying! Keep being awesome! I love you all! And have a great week!

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