Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, April 28, 2014

LIFE DOES NOT END HERE - Monday, April 28th, 2014

Hey family! 

This week has been great! We went tracting this week, and within the first 10 doors, we got into 3 and were able to teach a lesson, and set up another lesson! I know that doesn't happen a lot while tracting, so that was pretty cool. lol BUT, while we were doing that, someone put shaving cream and sardines ALL OVER our car. We had to take it to the car wash and pay 40 bucks to get it cleaned and waxed, otherwise it would ruin the paint. Our car still smells NASTY!! I have never smelled sardines before this, but they are DISGUSTING!!! We even sprayed our whole car with pine scent, but the smell is still there.

 I CAN"T WAIT TO SKYPE NEXT WEEK! (for Mother's Day, we get to skype...it's so fun to SEE his perfect face and hear his beautiful voice!) Let me know what time you can do it, cuz I know we gots lots of missionaries that need skyping in the parsons family!  

We have had tons of success the last couple of weeks, it's been awesome! Last night, we went and gave a blessing to a 98 year old woman who was on her death bed. She couldn't speak, but was conscious. They haven't fed her any food or water for days, cuz she would just choke on it, so now all they can do is wet the outside of her lips with a cloth. It was really sad looking at her. I have been around death more on my mission than my entire life. It really is humbling. But at the same time, it's a beautiful experience because I have the knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan. I know that life does not begin at birth and that it most certainly does not end at death. It was great to give her a blessing. It was sad, because tears were coming out of her eyes during the blessing, but she couldn't open her eyelids or speak. In just a few hours, she will be with her husband in the spirit world and enter into a state of rest and peace, where she can help her family even more than what she could do while on Earth. I have a testimony of that. Our ancestors are on the other side helping us and encouraging us along the way. I love you all and can't wait to see you next week! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Stay on the PATH! - Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Family! 

I got my first bad Arizona sunburn. This morning, some Elders and Sisters, and us went on a pretty intense hike. We hiked from 7 in the morning to 12. We reached one of the highest peaks in Tucson! It was awesome. But... I forgot to wear sunscreen. It's not too bad, but I'm pretty red. It was weird, this week there was a lot of overcast and rain, and it weirdly kinda made me home sick! Haha! One of the Sisters I serve with in my ward, Sister Fuller, is from Portland, and she said she felt kinda homesick too. Haha! 

Man, what a week! Elder Jones and I worked sooo hard. It was exhausting. I probably worked harder this week than any other week on my mission. Which, fortunately, we were able to see the fruit of our labors, cuz we hit double standards - which is cool, but seriously, we worked reeeeeeeally hard this week. It was just tiring. haha! idk If I can do that every week! Haha! Elder Jones is a funny kid. He is just like one of the old guys on Duck Dynasty. The one that doesn't have a wife! Haha! He talks just like him, and sounds just like him and thinks like him. He even has the southern red neck drawl. Haha! It's really fun to listen to. He calls everything "Big ol' this and big ol' that" And says "get up on in there" when he gives investigators a verse to read. Haha! He's such a good kid.

Thank you so much for the Easter package! It was awesome! I've been using the double sided coin a lot. Haha! SO cool! 

Anyways, I was thinking of a spiritual thought I could share with y'all. (Jones's southern draw is rubbing off on me haha). So today, we were on a really intense hike. We had to rock climb a little, the paths were extremely steep, and we had to make our way around thorns and cactus. And on the hike it looked like at the top there were three levels. And being missionaries we were all like "hmm kinda like the three degrees of glory!" Haha! And of course, we wanted to make it to the higher level, to enjoy the beauty of Tucson! It was going to be harder than getting to the other levels, and steeper, with more thorns and cactus, but we KNEW it would be worth it. So as we were going along the path, we sometimes pick out with our own eye another path other than the one that was created, that seems to us to be a better choice, that would lead us away from all the rocks and thorns and cactus. But as we went through those other paths that we thought would be safer and easier, led us to more thorns and cactus and rock. And the further we went, the more dense and dangerous the terrain got, and eventually it looked like it was leading us to one of the other two levels, which wasn't our goal. One missionary, Elder Butterfield went so far off the beaten path, that he went to a completely different opposite side of the peak we were shooting for. He went to "outer darkness" haha! So after exploring the dangers of not going on the path, we decided it would be best if we continued to go on the path prepared for us, which yes, it was steep and hard with thorns and cactus and rocks on the way, but we knew it would lead us where we wanted to go. The Celestial peak. Once we got there, the view was unbelievable! I got some pictures, but pictures can't really describe the wonder and awesomeness of the top peak. It was incredible. I knew the hard path was going to be worth it. It's the same in life.

We think we know a way to find happiness other than the gospel of Jesus Christ that was prepared for us to go to the Celestial Kingdom with Him and Heavenly Father, but in reality, what we find on those unbeaten trails are heartache, sorrow, and regret. It is much better to GO BACK to the beaten trail, which undoubtedly leads us to our eternal goal, which is a fullness of joy and happiness. There is always a chance to go back. It is a better choice then to keep going on the unbeaten path which leads to dense thorns, cactus and rocks, and eventually so dense, it is nearly  impossible to escape. I love you all and have a great week! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lose Yourself In the Work - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey family, 

Sorry I haven't emailed you until today! This week was transfers, and yesterday I got assigned to be a personal cheuffer for an Elder Smith from Washington who was going home today! He served a full 2 years. He was my zone leader the pass two transfers, and it sucks to see him go. For Transfers, Elder McMurtrey left and went to West Zone, and Elder Jones and I are staying together another transfer....except I am taking Countryside AND Tortalita ward over. I have never covered two wards before. We will be busy, which is good!

Not much happened this past week except Marlon got baptized on Saturday. He is such an awesome guy. So a couple weeks ago, we started teaching him, and we did the first lesson, and then he had to go out of for work for a bit, but he always came back for church on Sundays,. One time, he went to BOTH sessions. A whole 6 hours! YIKES! But now, I have to do that. haha! So last Tuesday, we met back up with him and said "Ok, we haven't met with you for a while, did you still want to get baptized on Saturday?" And he said "Yes! Absolutely!" He then told us that he did what we asked him to at the last lesson we had a couple weeks prior, and he read the whole Book of Mormon, and knelt down and prayed about it. He said he received the calmest, warmest feeling he had ever felt, and HE told US that he knew it was the Holly Ghost telling him that the book was true. So that was cool....haha! WAY COOL! So we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ that night, and we asked if he had any questions, and he said no. However, I wish we could talk more. SO we taught him ALSO the Plan of Salvation, The Law of Chastity, the Word of Wisdom, and the law of Tithing and Fast Offerings. ALL of which he said he is more than willing to live by. We taught that ALL in one sitting and HE even had scripture references in the Book of Mormon for almost every principle - it was insane! So he got Baptized and confirmed this weekend and yesterday, he called me and told us that his parents are kicking him out of the house and are firing him. (he was employed by his parents). He explained to me that they are die hard Catholics, and don't support him in joining the church. However, he said that he has the missionaries, the members of the ward, and the church. "What more do I need??" He is such a good guy. I'm going to have him listen to the Catholic Conversion. Marlon is the top horse polo player in Arizona. He's sick! So that's the highlight of what happened this week.

We have 5 dates on the calender and hopefully this week we are gonna set a 6th or 7th. Elder Jones and I will do great! He cracks me up. He is the most hill billy red neck kid I have ever met! haha! It's crazy! This transfer, our zone got torn apart. I didn't even know half the people at sports yesterday. Which makes me a little sad.because all of us these last two transfers got really close with each other.  That is the great thing about a mission! I come out here with other missionaries, and the work that we do together, and the testimonies that we grow and share to other people are what bind us all together forever! Those Elders and Sisters will be my best friends for life! I love all of them, it is sad to see half of them go, but there is still work to do! I have made it a goal for me this transfer to loose myself in the work. I am going to put 100% of my focus on inviting everyone to come unto Christ. I think it will be hard and stretch me, but I know I can do it! Only a couple more weeks until we get to skype! I'm really excited!! Love all of you! have a great week! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Small Flakes of GOLD! - Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey family,

The work is going great! This week we were able to get 3 more baptismal dates for the Countryside ward. Two with the Fairchild Family, who was a referral from one of our APs. YESS! LOVE FAMILIES! They make the best investigators. Also, one with another member of the Blancos, Nadine, who is 12 years old, the daughter of Jessica, who we baptized a couple months ago. 

So this last week the sisters are waiting for their car to be fixed. They got permission for all of us to transport each other in the same car as long as they drive and all three of us sit in the back. Haha! It's awk. Dang sisters. They be everywhere now days.

What an awesome opportunity for us to listen to Genearal Conference. I LOVED IT! I hope we were all able to get small and simple things from it that we needed to hear. Sometimes we are like the young merchant who got caught up in the California Gold Rush. He went and looked for huge chunks of gold in the California rivers, and couldn't find any leaving him poor. Meanwhile another merchant was able to secure small flakes of gold found on river rocks, that were able to accumulate into a huge pile of gold, bringing him much wealth. We need to realize that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. As we do the little things in life, or pile up the small flakes of gold, over time we are able to do great things in the gospel, instead of looking to worldly happiness or instant satisfaction, because there is none to be found. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. Read your scriptures. Pray. Be a member missionary. When you fall, get back up and dust yourself off. By doing these things we will be able to accumulate a large amount of eternal happiness and worth in the sight of Heavenly Father. That story was told by Elder Ballard by the way. I love you all and hope you have a great week!