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Elder Micah Wise
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lose Yourself In the Work - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey family, 

Sorry I haven't emailed you until today! This week was transfers, and yesterday I got assigned to be a personal cheuffer for an Elder Smith from Washington who was going home today! He served a full 2 years. He was my zone leader the pass two transfers, and it sucks to see him go. For Transfers, Elder McMurtrey left and went to West Zone, and Elder Jones and I are staying together another transfer....except I am taking Countryside AND Tortalita ward over. I have never covered two wards before. We will be busy, which is good!

Not much happened this past week except Marlon got baptized on Saturday. He is such an awesome guy. So a couple weeks ago, we started teaching him, and we did the first lesson, and then he had to go out of for work for a bit, but he always came back for church on Sundays,. One time, he went to BOTH sessions. A whole 6 hours! YIKES! But now, I have to do that. haha! So last Tuesday, we met back up with him and said "Ok, we haven't met with you for a while, did you still want to get baptized on Saturday?" And he said "Yes! Absolutely!" He then told us that he did what we asked him to at the last lesson we had a couple weeks prior, and he read the whole Book of Mormon, and knelt down and prayed about it. He said he received the calmest, warmest feeling he had ever felt, and HE told US that he knew it was the Holly Ghost telling him that the book was true. So that was cool....haha! WAY COOL! So we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ that night, and we asked if he had any questions, and he said no. However, I wish we could talk more. SO we taught him ALSO the Plan of Salvation, The Law of Chastity, the Word of Wisdom, and the law of Tithing and Fast Offerings. ALL of which he said he is more than willing to live by. We taught that ALL in one sitting and HE even had scripture references in the Book of Mormon for almost every principle - it was insane! So he got Baptized and confirmed this weekend and yesterday, he called me and told us that his parents are kicking him out of the house and are firing him. (he was employed by his parents). He explained to me that they are die hard Catholics, and don't support him in joining the church. However, he said that he has the missionaries, the members of the ward, and the church. "What more do I need??" He is such a good guy. I'm going to have him listen to the Catholic Conversion. Marlon is the top horse polo player in Arizona. He's sick! So that's the highlight of what happened this week.

We have 5 dates on the calender and hopefully this week we are gonna set a 6th or 7th. Elder Jones and I will do great! He cracks me up. He is the most hill billy red neck kid I have ever met! haha! It's crazy! This transfer, our zone got torn apart. I didn't even know half the people at sports yesterday. Which makes me a little sad.because all of us these last two transfers got really close with each other.  That is the great thing about a mission! I come out here with other missionaries, and the work that we do together, and the testimonies that we grow and share to other people are what bind us all together forever! Those Elders and Sisters will be my best friends for life! I love all of them, it is sad to see half of them go, but there is still work to do! I have made it a goal for me this transfer to loose myself in the work. I am going to put 100% of my focus on inviting everyone to come unto Christ. I think it will be hard and stretch me, but I know I can do it! Only a couple more weeks until we get to skype! I'm really excited!! Love all of you! have a great week! 

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