Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, January 6, 2014

OKIE DOKIE THEN... - Monday, January 6th, 2014


This week was pretty productive! Our whole ward blitzed this huge apt. complex, and we found three newbies! This girl and her husband, Roy, who are super interested. and we knocked on this door, and an older man answered and just said "You wanna talk?" and waved us in. Haha! We didn't even say anything. We went in and found out he is a Catholic ministerial servant.We gave him the lesson of the Restoration, and we introduced him to the Book of Mormon, and we had him read Moroni's promise, and he just stared at it for like 3 minutes. The spirit was totally there. It was awesome.

We are meeting with Jack regularly now, but this week we got a referral from the MTC for a guy named John. So we went to visit him, and he invited us in, and we talked for a little bit, and I could tell he was mentally challenged in a way, so I asked him. He said he got in a car accident in college, and his friend died but he didn't but had major brain damage. I felt pretty bad for him, and we began to teach him. I introduced the Book of Mormon, and said "Jesus Christ actually showed himself to the people of America." and then he said "Christ was alive with the animals?"........ I didn't know quite what to say to that, but he was retaining nothing that poor guy.Then he tried to order some pizza with his phone, and he called and started yelling at the top of his lunges demanding pizza, and we heard the girl on the other line and say she was going to call the cops and then hung up. Then he went in the back room and came out with a pistol in his hand, and just watched out the window for 5 minutes in silence. I looked at my companions and they were so freaked out, and we didn't know what the heck to do. So I said "well we gotta go, so is there anything we can do for you?" And he said "Get me some damn pizza!" And I said ok. (I can just see Micah here sayin' OKIE DOKIE...in Tommy Boy style... LOL) So he let us leave and I went and bought a five dollar pizza and set it on his doorstep. So that was definitely the most scary part of my mission so far!

There are just so many messed up people in the world. I feel bad for John because he is unable to understand the gospel. It just made me think this week of how merciful our Heavenly Father is and how loving he is because I know that Heavenly Father will understand John's situation. People look at the world and see how much chaos there is and ask how can there be a God? But we need to look at how much good there is in the world, and then we will know without a doubt that there is a loving heavenly father watching out for us. There is hardship in the world, but it is meant for our growth and our understanding. And if we just lift all of our burdens through Jesus Christ and the atonement, we will know peace and comfort in this life. That's the beautiful thing about the atonement. It's a gateway to happiness. And I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience that. I love all of you and have a great week! 

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