Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, January 13, 2014

OBEDIENCE - GOT IT? January 13, 2014

Hey family!

This week was pretty exciting! Except for the fact that President Killpack text-ed us a day before the Conference in Phoenix and said Elder Holland's schedule changed last minute and would not be able to attend...? BUMMMER! I was looking forward to seeing and hearing from an apostle, but we got to hear Elder Jim Wright from the Seventy, so that was pretty cool too.

I'm glad I got to go to Phoenix and see Elder Parsons! (Elder Parsons is the brother of Elder Wise's sister in law. He is currently serving a mission in Phoenix, AZ. The two missions united to hear Elder Holland come to speak but apparently he couldn't make it) We got a picture together! It was good to see him! 

This week, we found a lot of new investigators. One of which, whose name is Terrance, has a background with the church, and we taught him the first lesson and he accepted a baptismal date. 

So I guess earlier this week, there was a huge cold front or something throughout the U.S., and guess who had the hottest temperature out of the whole United States?? THAT'S RIGHT! Tucson, Arizona! I'm starting to get used to the sun, but I'm not looking forward tot the summer. That will be an adventure. Hopefully I am in New Mexico with a car and AC. That would be nice. Haha!

Next week is transfers, and it is safe to assume that I will be leaving the Tucson stake. I love it here, and I have so many memories of my first area, and I love and will miss everyone here. But I know that my mission holds more adventures outside of Tucson.

Well, since we went to Phoenix this last week, President Killpack has asked that we cut down on our car miles. So starting tomorrow, my companionship and I are biking.....we have a huge area with very little people. So this will be fun. I just pray that the sun will be merciful.

This week, I have been pondering a lot on how why being obedient is important in being the role of a representative of Jesus Christ. Last p-day, my companionship decided to shop in JC Penny. One Elder - before going, dressed out of pros, and in normal clothes - without a name tag! I told him he needs to go in pros, and he flipped out at me. Then, once we get into JC Penny, another Elder just takes off! He just disappears out of nowhere. So I was just like okay, whatever. If they want to be disobedient, it's their mission. But then I see my district leader walk up, and behind him our two zone leaders, and to think it couldn't get any worse, President Killpack walks up behind them. One Elder jumps behind a clothes rack, and the other Elder is nowhere to be seen. So I'm stuck out in the open, and everyone sees me. President asked me where my companions were. The one Elder came out of the clothes rack. President asked me where my other companion was, and he comes up behind president and tries to hide the fact that he was in the mall alone (who also decided not to wear a name-tag that day) So president chewed them out, and discussed with us the importance of being obedient, always having the name "Jesus Christ" over our heart, and always always being with a companion. President told us how we can't preach other people repentance when we are disobeying the rules and guidelines Jesus Christ himself has set for us. So, I felt pretty bad, and my companions felt horrible. So I am recommitting myself to being an obedient missionary. And through that, I know I will have the spirit with me more throughout my mission.

I love you all and have a good week! 

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