Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, January 27, 2014

BUILD YOUR HOUSE UPON A ROCK! - January 27, 2014

Hey fam,

So this week I was sick in bed pretty much the whole time. It sucked. I had some pretty bad migraines, and I was nauseous and all sorts of bad stuff! I even felt random sharp pains all over my body, so I was afraid I had shingles!! D: But I feel a bit better now, and all I have is major congestion and a slight sinus infection. I just felt bad for Elder Petersen. He really wanted to work, and I just wasn't feeling up to it, but we will make up for all that this week!

Saturday and Sunday, I got to go through the area a bit, and it seems pretty promising. It looks like a good area. And people are actually normal!!!! LOL This place reminds me a lot of Camas actually. I love it! Even the church building is almost an exact replica of the Parkers Landing building. Haha!  The members are awesome!

 Elder Petersen is my companion. He's a good kid. He's from Centerville, Utah. I challenged him to read the Book of Mormon in 20 days. So we're going to do it as a companionship. 

We are in a biking area, so I no longer have my precious car! Last week, when my old companions and I were riding bikes, I fell on the bike and broke something in my gears, so right now I'm riding my bike on one of the highest gears, cuz that's the only one that works. Haha! So we have a member who is going to fix that this week!

We went to dinner at this one members house who told us that their 6  month old granddaughter just passed away from what I think was a large heart. They were just heart-wrenched, and they said they were so proud of their son and his wife for their strength and their courage and their testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I couldn't imagine how they feel, but it is times like those where we need to have the solid foundation of the gospel, so when the winds and the tempests come through, our house is built upon a rock!

I love you all, and have a fantastic week! 

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