Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, June 30, 2014

President Passey - Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey family!

This week has been pretty different! This morning President and Sister Passey arrived in the mission, and in an hour or so President and Sister Killpack will be headed home to Delta, Utah! I'm excited to see the different changes that come with having a new mission president. We have a whole bunch of meetings this next week with him and the following week, I have my first interview with him. 

Things in the Central Ward are going great! We are working hard and finding lots of new potential investigators. I'm fairly certain I will take over the area next week, which I think will be good. Haha! One of our investigators, Perseus got his leg amputated this week and we went and saw him a lot in the hospital. Makes me grateful for all that I have and the body Heavenly Father has given me.

This Saturday was insane. So my area covers all of down town Tucson and surrounds the U of A campus. So it's a huge college town. The college kids are always crazy drunk on the weekends. It's pretty funny and makes for good stories for street contacting. This whole crowd was like shouting at us and cussing and yelling at us as we were walking by on Saturday. It was scary! It's crazy how much the adversary is working. We need to work harder! This morning we went and toured a HUGE Catholic Cathedral. It was pretty cool. There was lots of gold and silver and fine twined linen.

I'm sending some stuff home today including PICTURES! I know mom will be excited about that! haha! I learned this week a little bit about grace and about the Atonement. There are some pretty good articles in this months Ensign! There is one by the 2nd counselor in the presiding bishopric. Once he was asked if God will ever give us challenges that stop our progress and his response was NO! Absolutely NOT! He would NEVER EVER do anything to stop our progress in life. However, he does present us with opportunities to grow. Look up 2 Nephi 2:1-2. There Lehi talks about the Lord consecrating our afflictions for our gain. What does consecrate mean? It means to make holy or sacred, or it's used as a big purpose. So we go through experiences in life that are very personal and very sacred and if they are not endured by OUR choice, they can destroy us, but when endured well with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, they are used for our spiritual gain. In order for ANYTHING to get better, it must first get worst. In order for us to experience the blessings of the Atonement, Christ had to suffer and be crucified. Three days later, he rose again fulfilling the Atonement!

It is the same with us. In order to grow and learn, we have to "take up our cross" and bear our trials with Christ. And if we do that, we will come out stronger than ever. A lot of times we ask in life "why me? Why did this have to happen to me?" When really we should ask the question "What can I learn from this experience? What is Heavenly Father trying to teach me?" I know I have a hard time doing that, but when I do, I find that I am better able to endure trials and challenges with an eye of hope! I love you all! And next week is transfers, so I will talk to you on Tuesday! 

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