Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, June 9, 2014

Prayer's Answered - Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey family!

This week was pretty crazy! Riding on bikes in 100 degree weather is tough, but it's not too bad!

We found a new family this week! The Crosby's! They were a referral from church headquarters. We went and taught them the first lesson. I swear it was almost scripted. The Dad, Bryan, said he has been going to all these churches, and he felt like some of what they say are true and other stuff not. It keeps him up at night as he studies the Bible and can't come to a conclusion on which church was right! CRAZY! So he just went to a whole bunch of church websites and asked all of their church representatives to visit him. So far we are the only ones who showed up. It was really awesome hearing his story. He was just so frustrated that he was on the verge of giving up on God. When we shared with them the message of the restoration, it strengthened my testimony, to see him feel the spirit, and to say that he knows his search has come to and end, and that God does truly answer prayers. It also strengthened my testimony when we gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon. You should have seen the way is eyes just glowed as he opened and just felt the pages inside. They happily accepted a baptism date on the 5th of July. We have lots of other Investigators who we are trying to get to progress.

One is coming along. His name is Victor. He was part of the Hell's Angels. That is a biker group I guess way back when. He only has one leg, and is an older fellow. Totally looks like a biker guy. Haha! I love being in down town Tucson and just hanging out and talking with all the hobos. They are pretty cool, and some have awesome stories. I met a guy who is from Vancouver Washington!! He said in a year and a half he's gonna come visit me in Vancouver! haha! We'll see if he remembers. Anyways ,the work is progressing! I love you all and have a great week! 

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