Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Stay Away from the FUMES and the PERFUMES" - Monday, Sept 8th, 2014

Hello Family!

Right now outside there is a crazy Monsoon happening. Roads are literally turning into rivers. They even have HUGE ripples in them, like white water rafting! We saw 3 cars stuck and dragged down the road. A tow truck had to help them get it out. Crazy weather down here. I welcome the season of Fall with open arms! (yep, he is a true Northwesterner lol)

This last week we had 4 baptism dates set up. Now we only have one. :( Robert felt a little too pressured, Juan couldn't attend church yesterday due to family matters, and John smoked a cigarette right when he left church yesterday! But all of them are continuing to progress. We just have to reestablish a date that they feel comfortable with. We gave John a Priesthood blessing last night to help him overcome his addiction. 

There is a family who has a 9 year old girl who's b-day is on SEPT. 10! So they are going to take me out to dinner on Wednesday. So that's nice of them. Man, it's weird to think that Elder Talbot is 3 months old. I remember being there, and it felt like I had been out forever! I can't believe he has been out that long! Time flew by! I can't believe it. It is still strange when I find myself talking with two other people from Camas. Talking about the teachers we had in High School, memories and places of the Milltown. We all usually have dinner together at members houses, and when they find out that we are from the same small town in Washington they freak out! haha! It's always fun to see! 

Not much happened this week. But we are trying to keep up with all the new investigators we have! When Elder Talbot came in, this area has been in the best shape it's ever been! He's a hard working missionary! We taught a lot this week about the Plan of Salvation. It used to be my least favorite discussion to share with people. But now it is turning into one of my favorites! I feel the Spirit so strongly each time we share it with people. And to see the look and glow on their faces when they learn the Plan of Happiness strengthens my testimony so much! It is great to know that everyone will receive some degree of Salvation. I believe very strongly that we have a loving Heavenly Father, who is going to reward us for even making the decision to come down to Earth and to face these mortal experiences. But we have a divine potential to achieve so much. If we live faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that we will receive a fullness of joy living in the presence of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families. The Plan of Salvation is my favorite gospel topic, because you don't have to do anything to know that it is true. It makes too much sense to deny. 

I love you all! And hope school is going well! Stock, stay away from the fumes and the perfumes! ;) Have a great week! 

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