Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Monday, July 14, 2014

Desert Storms! - Monday, July 14, 2014


This week Elder Talbot and I got in a big fight..... LOL JK :) We're having the time of our lives! I am so happy he's my companion! He's awesome! Man, memories of home have just been flooding back. But I'm not trunky! Haha! He's really a hard worker and is anxiously engaged in the work and the progress of our area! It's awesome! He's off on a great start!

We did lots of studying this week. The first presidency came out with a program that lasts 12 weeks for new missionaries, so that even with less time in the MTC, we don't lose our effectiveness in the field. So that consists of an extra hour of studying. So 3 hours of studying every day. Haha! My brain is fried. We really worked hard this week! This area has been in the dumps the last couple of transfers, and we are starting to pick it up! We found lots of potential investigators! Elder Talbot extended his FIRST baptismal date! It was awesome! They accepted! :)

We went through our area book and just blasted through it, reorganizing everything, getting in contact with everyone. Things are looking pretty promising! Elder Talbot doesn't like the bike too much! Haha! I was that way when I first came into this area, but you get used to it. MAN there's been some crazy lightening storms lately! It's awesome! On Tuesday night, I couldn't go to sleep cuz it was just huge flashes every 2 seconds! Never seen anything like it! It also monsooned pretty dang hard yesterday. It was awesome! The streets were like rivers, it was crazy! It got up almost knee deep on the roads! The underpasses on the freeway were completely flooded and they had to block it off it was crazy!

Anyway, things are awesome down in Tucson! This week I was studying in 2 Nephi 5, and it's talking about the people of Nephi and the things they did that made them live after the manner of happiness.Iif you look into chapter 5, they were an industrious people, meaning they had to work hard. They had faith, and hoped for things which were prophesied, and they qualified themselves for the spirit. They followed the commandments, and this is what caused them to live after the manner of happiness. The world likes to have you think that happiness comes when you don't have to work anymore, and you can do whatever you want. That is a lie. That is how you live after the manner of sadness. True happiness comes when we are industrious, when we work hard, follow the commandments through obedience, and qualify ourselves through the spirit. I think our family is really good at living in the manner of happiness. I love you all, and I hope summer is going great! Have a great week! 

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