Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Do You Have White Spots??? - February 10, 2014

Hey Family!

So.... This week wasn't too great. Haha! Last Sunday I started to get a scratchy throat. Monday and Tuesday it got pretty bad, and Wednesday, I was dying. On Wednesday we had interviews with President Killpack. I came in, and he asked me to start with a prayer, and I said my throat really hurts, and I can't really talk, and then he asked if I had white spots??? I was like, huh?? White spots?? So he called in Sister Killpack who is a nurse, and President told her my throat was hurting, and so she ran out of the room real quick and came back in with a spoon and a flashlight, and stuck the spoon in my mouth and the flashlight, and both President - who was a pharmacist - and Sister Killpack said "oh..." So that didn't seem too good. They said that I had definitely developed strep throat. So they put me on antibiotics, and the rest of the week consisted laying in my bed again sick.... I'm sick of being sick. But the antibiotics really are helping and I was able to get out and work Saturday and yesterday, so that was good.

It looks like one of our investigators, Jessica is all set to be baptized this next Saturday! She has a strong testimony. The following Saturday, we're baptizing her mom! Hopefully her other daughter, Nadine and the dad will want to take lessons here soon.

I really felt bad for Elder Petersen this week, because he had to stay in all week while I was sick and it was driving him crazy. So I was glad that I got myself to work Saturday and Sunday.

BUT while I was sick I got to read all the way to the Book of Heleman in the Book of Mormon. I love reading it! There are so many stories about faith and tribulation. My favorite person in the Book of Mormon is probably Moroni. Not only is he true to God and true to righteousness and freedom, and has faith in all of it, but he delights in it. He takes courage and strength in it, and his whole life is centered around this ideal of freedom and righteousness. I don't know I just love his enthusiasm, because it is one thing to have faith and to stay true to the Lord and keep his commandments, but it is a whole different thing when we take strength in it, and delight in it. I really want to get to that point - where I can proudly stand up for truth and righteousness. I'm getting there, but it takes time. As I continue in the work, the more excited I get about the work.

I hope everyone had a great week! I love you all! 

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