Elder Micah Wise

Elder Micah Wise
Arizona Tucson Mission

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meeting a Muslim - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey Family!

Ready for some Transfer news???? -drum role-......................nothing! Elder Talbot and I get to stay together for another transfer in the Central ward! However, after this one I think I'm out of here. I kinda want to serve down in New Mexico next transfer. Getting out of Tucson for a bit would be nice. Haha! But wherever I'm called, it will be fun. Also, this transfer one of the Sisters in the Central ward got transferred to Sierra Vista, so another sister got transferred in. Looks like there will be 3 missionaries in the Central Ward from Camas, Washington. That's right, mom, Sister Jones got transferred into the central ward. haha! Crazy. So half of the missionaries in this ward will be from the same place. haha! 

The work has been really great in this area lately. Elder Talbot and I were talking about some goals that we wanted for this area. We want to hit SOE every week. I think if we have enough faith and work hard, we can achieve it!

This week we found 2 new Investigators. One is named Alex, who when she saw us on her porch knew that God had sent us. She is solid and is really progressing. The other one was willing to talk to us. He is Muslim. And really what it turned into was a Koran and Bible bash which is unfortunate. But we left him with a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and we are going to stop buy sometime this week, and awe are praying that that sparked some interest in him.

Elder Wise and Elder Ta'Ofi at the hospital giving a blessing. 
One concern that was brought up in that conversation was the lack of a need for Christ. his theory was that when he sins, he can simply ask forgiveness from Heavenly Father, and he will forgive him, which is true. When we commit sin, we draw ourselves away from Heavenly Fathers presence, and the only way we can come back into HIs presence is through repentance and forgiveness of sins,He was spot on. HOWEVER: There has been and is and always will be a penalty and price to pay for each sin we commit. And since everyday we all fall short of the Glory of God, we have a huge price to pay. And incredible debt. Much like the U.S. debt. And to think and say that God is perfect, and glorious and everlasting, and the same yesterday, today and forever, and ALSO will just magically erase the huge price we have to pay, contradicts itself. There MUST be justice and a price to pay for every sin we commit. If there is not, then God is not perfect and will cease to be God. But He has come up with a way where he can exercise justice and mercy both together. And that is that our price has been paid for. The huge pile of debt that we would never be able to pay off has been taken care of. We will forever be indebted to Jesus Christ. He is our redeemer. The way that we show our thanks to Him is through serving him. And when we are serving Him, he really is serving us by blessing us with peace and comfort and unbreakable spiritual strength, and exaltation and eternal Glory for eternity. How can God not love His Children? He loves them perfectly. Remember Jesus Christ and what he has done for you. I try to each day as I am serving him. I love you all. I hope you have a great week.

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